Accountancy Easy Office Ltd. exists since 2004. Office specializes in providing services in the areas of:

  • handling accounting and accounting, regardless of the legal status of Customer
  • support staff, payroll and social security accounts,
  • to build a package of „office immediately,” that is made available to Customer the finished offices,
  • customer service registration in the National Court Register, tax offices, social security and the CSO.

Our employees have obtained a license for the Ministry of Finance, corresponding to the bookkeeping service. We also have automobile insurance required by law.

We realize that each client has its own unique needs and, therefore, to each customer individually. The activities of our office is characterized by professionalism, integrity, versatility and security based on the multi-professional experience.

Our goal is professional and reliable customer service. We guarantee the highest quality service and competitive prices.

We are in a „friendly komunikacyjnie” points of law as both Warsaw and lewobrzeżnej, ie in the strict downtown on the wall. Wilczej oraz na Starej Pradze na ul. Wolfish and the Old Prague Street. Zamoyskiego.

Why would I want to work just with us:

  • We conclude partnership agreements with the Community
  • in connection with the scope of our services we are able to prepare an individual offer for each customer, ranging from „normal accounting services” by receiving in his behalf correspondence, to register his company in the National Court Register,
  • employ qualified personnel, who constantly raises their qualifications (inter alia, to be abreast of the continuing changes in tax law),
  • provide full discretion, we apply the total professional secrecy,
  • represent you from the tax offices and social security,
  • consult the problems and issues and accounting ledgers.