Easy Office office easy to adapt to the needs of your company headquarters, the secretariat, workplace and business meetings in the best locations Warsaw (downtown or at the Old Prague).  By using the Easy Office office, you can instantly set up their own office bearing the minimum cost and risk of investment and saving your own time and effort.

Easy Office office is the ideal solution for companies, which ensure a professional image and a focus on low costs.To excellent option for mobile operators, who are looking for a small, representative office space to work and to meet with the contractors. By using the Easy Office office forget about the problems associated with the possession of office. Area, telephones, fax machines, internet, secretarial staff, accounts are at your disposal. You can focus solely on the core business, without a guarantee of professional service.

We offer you the following service packages:

  • Easy Office start
    Prestigious address for the headquarters, branch offices or agency companies, fax number, catering (professional virtual office in Warsaw – in the downtown or the Old Prague).

    On the basis of any agreement to provide the address for correspondence purposes of registration and fax number. In your behalf and get backup incoming correspondence. Informujemy o niej Państwa na bieżąco. Provision of information about the yearly on a regular basis. Catering (coffee, tea, water min.) For people who are in office.
  • Easy Office mobile
    This package contains the full functionality of Office Easy start, in addition to seeds your company dedicated telephone number. Get on your behalf phones, accept the message, give your basic information to contractors.
  • Easy Office standard
    Prestigious address, a work station, salka conference and a full secretarial support.
    We provide your business address and fax number. At the same time, receive a post furnished with its own fixed-line telephone and Internet access, a printer, copier and fax. You can use with Salkie representative conference and catering for both workers and companies as contractors and full secretarial support (support meetings, broadcast by courier, sending faxes, messaging, reception, etc.).
  • Easy Office premium
    The package designed for customers who prefer a quiet, calm and comfort during labor. We provide you with a work station in a dedicated room, which is fully furnished, with its own fixed-line telephone and Internet access, a printer, copier, fax. In addition, it is available to executives salka conference and catering for both employees and contractors. We provide full support as well as the secretariat (the operation of meetings, broadcast by courier, sending faxes, messaging, reception, etc.).

We guarantee you a professional service and a very favorable price.

Price List Easy Office office

Easy Office start – 250 zł / month
Easy Office mobile – 550 zł / month
Easy Office standard – 850 zł / month

Renting a conference room – 30 zł / hour.

Secretarial Services – 60 zł / hr.

The prices are net prices, which are to include 23% VAT.