Accountancy Easy Office Ltd. provides a full service accounting and accounting, regardless of the legal client. We carry all books, records and records required by law and fiscal balance sheet. We prepare and deliver statements, as well as representing a client before the authorities. We register and update data in the relevant tax offices. We tailor to the needs of the client and we offer very competitive prices.

Our company has automobile insurance, works on the legitimate, consistent with the current state of legal software, and employs workers legitymujących a license authorizing the Ministry of Finance to conduct the accounts.

The scope of our products and services include:

  • record-keeping trade,
  • keeping books of income and expenditure,
  • record keeping revenues flat –
  • keeping records VAT
  • recording / lists of assets and WNiP,
  • recording equipment,
  • drawing up the annual financial reports,
  • the making tax declarations,
  • control service revenue,
  • providing explanations and advice,
  • the removal of the backlog.

If you want to be professionals in their field, our employees are required to update skills and update knowledge through participation in courses and training in accounting and tax law. In addition, our employees have access to professional literature and specialized publications both in paper or electronic.Price List Easy Accounting Office

RYCZAŁT – from 120 PLN / monthsFull support for the book rozliczających entities in the form of a lump sum recorded (for example: single economic activities).

PAPER revenues and expenditures – from 190 PLN / monthsFull support for the book operators Paper tax revenues and expenditures (for example: single economic activities, partnerships, companies Visible).

COMMERCIAL PAPER – from 590 PLN / monthFull support for the book among commercial paper (eg oo companies, associations, foundations).

The prices are net prices which should include 23% VAT.